Welcome to Maju Universal Engineering Sdn. Bhd.


We provide design, fabrication & certification of offshore containers, transport baskets and other structural items.





We have a dedicated machine workshop consisting of large lathes, mills, brake press, guillotine and other tools and machineries that cater to all machining works. This workshop forms part of our engineering services as well as providing specialized machining works to all types of industries.


We carry out works that include erection of new high pressure boilers, replacement of boiler tubes and annual servicing of industrial boilers.



We have the resources and facilities to carry out hot insulation works for steam lines.



We provide maintenance services in mill rectification works such as piping and steel structural, sand blasting and so forth.

We offer services in pipeline fabrication and installation according to client’s requirements.

We provide a wide variety of services to meet the needs of the marine industry:

1.Steel works

  • Marine vessel hull repair
  • Buoy repair
  • Tyre fender installation including fabrication of pad eyes and shoes

2.Piping works

  • Seawater/ fresh water pipelines
  • Hydraulic pipelines
  • Exhaust repair, etc

3.Mechanical works

  • Sea water valves servicing
  • Air vent servicing
  • Cargo hose pressure testing
  • Astern roller, fairlead roller servicing
  • Fabrication and installation of shaft locking device

4.Electrical works

  • Alarm troubleshooting
  • Generator synchronization
  • Motor rewinding
  • Electrical lay outing and wiring

5.Tank Cleaning

  • Perform all type of tank cleaning such as Mud, bilge, grey, dirty/lube oil, sewage, cement/barite, methanol, ballast, fresh water, etc.

6.Aluminum vessel repair

  • Aluminum blank fabrication

7.Waste disposal

  • Perform disposal of dirty oil and sludge oil with proper certification.

8.Manpower supply

  • Qualified/skilled welders, skilled fitters, mechanics and general worker, etc.



Our blasting & painting services include the following:

  1. Sand Blasting
  2. Painting
  3. 2-coat system
  4. 3-coat system
  5. Thermal Spray Aluminum Coating (TSA).